VEOS provides techniques and specific storytelling to produce animations of various styles ranging from realistic to stylized. We understand that animations can make a huge difference in establishing the successful development of any project. As videos and animations are used as a powerful tool in the engaging audience as well as they trigger interest. By appealing to multiple senses, animations can give a lasting impression to emphasize brand equity.


Interactive and Training Solutions

VEOS provides interactive solutions ranging from lightweight mobile, web options up to high-end desktop applications. Including XR development which consists of  Android,  iOS mobile AR and finishing with Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens. Apart from AR, our solutions support Virtual reality that includes mobile and desktop options for creating VR training and prototyping. With the latest demands on flexibility and remote accessibility, we also include WebRTC technology as part of our suite of solutions for building Virtual Exhibitions. Lastly VEOS provides immersive e-training applications.



VEOS offers a broad range of illustration styles, that are rendered and are designed to convay our client’s ideas in the best possible way of using cutting-edge technology. We consider each project to be unique and for that we focus on highlighting the qualities of each individual project and reflecting the brand identity. Our strength is not only to create stunning and realistic renders, but also to add a strong unique expression to every project! We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.